Religion School News/ Ogloszenia: 

There are No in person classes this Monday, October 26, 2020 please make sure your child does their home study assignments. 
Next class in-pereson class is November 2, 2020.  Please follow the weekly schedule by scrolling down on this page. 

Dear Parents: Please make sure that your children come prepared to all grade classes! With the COVID-19 we are NOT ALLOWED to share pens, pencils, paper, books with other students or teachers. Children must have their own pens during classes. I will be going around checking in all classrooms for the next few weeks to make sure your child comes prepared for class. If your child forgot any of these items we will call you to pick your child up. Also, no children will be permitted into the school building without wearing a mask. Masks will not be provided if your child forgets his/her mask. 


New Policy for Coming IN LATE:
 Classes start at 5:00PM. Please keep in mind that the back doors will be closed during Prayers

(Doors Closed at 5:05PM)  We only have 1 hour of Class time many of the students run late and this inturups the entire classes. If you plan on being late please call the Rectory- 860-229-2011 or school office 860-259-6923 so that we can open the door for your child.  

 Please remember that all children need to wear their masks in the school building and at all times during classes. 

Please Scroll Down for the 2020-2021 Mounthly Schedule, for a printed calendar please stop by the parish office. 

The schedule below may change in that case a letter will be sent home with your child. Please remember we follow the New Britain School's Calendar. 
In case of Bad Weather please check the News Stations if New Britain Schools are cancelled (or have early dismissal) due to bad weather we will also cancel classes. Any cancellations will be posted on TV and a message will be posted
here on this page. 
********Local TV Stations*********
NBC-30        WFSB- 3            FOX-61


Monthly Calendar 2020-2021
Weekly schedule can change if in that case a notice will be sent home with your child.  

    October 2020   
   October 5 ~ Religion Classes   
   October ~ 12 No Religion Classes (Columbus Day)   
   October 19 ~ Religion Classes  
   October 26 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes   

   November 2020   
  November 2 ~ Religion Classes  
  November 9 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes  
  November 16 ~ Religion Classes  
  November 23 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes  
  November 30 ~ Religion Classes  

  December 2020  
  December 7 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes  
  December 14 ~ Religion Classes  
 December 21 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes 
 December 28 ~ No Religion School (Christmas Break) 

  January 2021  
 January 4 ~ Religion Classes 
 January 11 ~ No School Religion Classes - Home Classes 
 January 18 ~ No Religion School - Martin Luther King Day 
 January 25 ~ Religion Classes 

 October is the Month of the Holy Rosary. We will be saying the rosary on some nights children may be delayed coming out. 

Always say the Rosary...


Please Note: that we follow the  New Britain Schools Snow Cancellations. If it snows and New Britian Schools are cancelled we will be cancelled too.  

****SNOW ALERT***** 
For Cancellations Please Check Your Local TV Stations:
NBC-30    WFSB-3    FOX-61 

Please make sure to print your calendars. Calendars will not be sent home or mailed. 
Calendars are subject to change. In that case notices will be sent home with the students.